Access to the following forms can be found at Homeport.

​Forms to be completed:

​Volunteer Application Forms


  • Member Information and Declarations
  • Request for Reference (3 referrals are required)
  • Report of Medical History

Squadron Contact Form

FeeCheck AmountPayPal Amount
Initial Enrollment $265.00$271.33
Renewal Enrollment$165.00$169.12
Parent Association/Adult Leader$20.00$20.94
Replacement ID$11.00$11.74

NLCC/NSCC Application Forms

Chart Your Course With Us




Our next Prospective Cadet Briefing is scheduled on Saturday, 18-November. You must have your name on the guest list in order to be admitted on base. Contact us below to reserve a space. 

If paying by check to avoid PayPal convenience fees, please bring your check to Drill or contact us for the mailing address.

Enrollment & Fees
Cadet Name

Adult Application Forms

The following forms are needed to apply to the Sea Cadets or Navy League Cadets program. Do not sign them until you are sure your child is ready to enroll. Once signed, please bring the completed application forms and fees to turn into the Administration Officer on your first drill day. Access to the following forms can be found at Homeport.

Forms to be completed:

Cadet Application and Agreement Forms


  • Member Information and Declarations
  • Report of Medical History
  • Report of Medical Examination (A medical exam similar to a high school sports physical is required. This can be turned in within 30 days of enrolling.)
  • Report of Medical History Supplemental (To be filled out only if cadet is on regular medications.)
  • Request for Accommodation (To be filled out if a medical conditions precludes full, unlimited participation.)
  • Parental Support Agreement

Cadet Contact Form 
Uniform Agreement Form
Release of Liability, Approval of Cadet Training and Talent Release Authorization 

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NLCC/NSCC Enrollment Fees

If you’re interested in learning more about the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and how you can join the Twin Cities Squadron, please click here. All prospective cadets and Officers/Instructors must attend a mandatory information session before enrolling. A parent or guardian must accompany cadets in order to enroll. We may be able to accommodate prospective cadets who live outside the Twin Cities area, please check that option on the Prospective Cadets form below.