League cadets are eligible to advance in ranks every four months. While advanced training is not mandatory for League cadets, a one-week recruit training camp and additional week long training opportunities in the summer are available and encouraged. An overview of the NLCC coursework is provided in the NLCC Syllabus. Each course includes an assignment in which the cadet provides his or her answers on the NSCTNG028 Correspondence Course Answer Sheet. One answer sheet is used per assignment. Once a cadet has completed the required assignments, the cadet must then pass an online exam to demonstrate their retention of what they learned. Navy League Cadets take all exams on the NLCC Online Testing Systems (NOTS). A minimum score of 70% on each exam is needed to pass. Cadets who fail the exam must wait 30 days to retest. Once cadets have completed an exam scan or take a clear photo of the answer sheet and email it to the Coursework/Education INST. It is important to also keep the original answer sheet for your records.  

Cadets: Scan or take a clear photo of your answer sheet and email to the Coursework/Education INST.

Important: Keep your answer sheet for your records at home.

Cadets needing to take their exam at drill must notify the Coursework/Education INST at least four days proper to drill to make arrangements. 

NLCC Coursework & Advancement


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NLCC Ratings and Advancement Requirements

U.S.Navy League Cadets at the Eagan burn house learning how to put out fires and roll hoses.

Thank you to the Eagan Fire Department!