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Recruit Training (Boot camp)

How to Reserve a Spot at RT or BLO

Recruit Training is a 9 to 14 day overnight training all Sea Cadets must attend. These training sessions are held at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Command in Illinois in June. Approximately 15-20 cadets from TCS attend each year, along with more than 200 cadets from around the country. Our squadron has a long history of being the top performing division or cadet overall. To help get our cadets ready for RT the squadron conducts a 3-day “mini-boot camp”. RT, or boot camp, is a scaled down version of the Navy’s boot camp.

Cadets must meet the following requirements for Recruit Training, or boot camp:

  • Be enrolled in the NSCC program a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of RT.
  • Be age 14 prior to 1-September of the training year or be a form League Cadet who is age 13 and has successfully completed NLCC Orientation Training and is considered “mature” enough by the unit commanding officer.
  • Successfully complete all 15 BMR assignments prior to reporting for RT.
  • Obtain the required uniforms and Sea Bag items.

League Cadets have the option of attending a one-week overnight Navy League Orientation class, or Basic League Orientation (BLO). The training program is less arduous but still includes a wide variety of training opportunities designed to give League Cadets exposure to Navy life. Although not mandatory, we highly encourage all League Cadets attend. Cadets who complete orientation can participate in advanced training sessions. League Cadets do not have to complete Basic Military Requirement coursework (BMR) before attending Navy League Orientation class or BLO.

​​​​​​IMPORTANT: The procedure for reserving a spot at a Local Training is not the same. Contact the TO for instructions. 

Step 1:

Go to Winter/Summer Training Schedule and see what RT or BLO are available. Trainings are on a first-come-first-served basis.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to contact the officers or staff of the summer and winter training or send requests for training directly. ALL requests must go through the Magellan database VIA OUR STAFF.

Step 2.

Send an email to the Training Officer (TO). Include the training code, dates, and description of training. Here’s an example of an email:

          I’m interested in the following Advanced Training:
          DB-CA-1702L dates are July 1-10 Dive, SCUBA Certification, Basic.
          Please let me know if I can attend this training.
          Cadet Jones

Step 3.

If you qualify for the training, the TO will email you a form that you must print out and have your parent or guardian verify, sign, and initial in the appropriate spaces. Scan and email the completed form back to the Training Officer.

Step 4.

Once you are approved by the COCT (Commanding Officer of the Training Contingent) an invoice will be generated and the TO will email it to you for your parent/guardian for payment. When the COTC receives payment an official order will be generated, which will be printed and filed into the service jacket that you will carry to training.

Cadets, you will need updated medical forms, medical accommodations, and medication forms dated within 30 days of training.

Proceed with travel arrangements. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance as trainings do get cancelled. TCS is not responsible for your travel arrangements. 

Please contact the Training Officer with questions.