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How to Reserve a Spot at a National Advanced Training

Training evolutions are offered during the summer, winter and sometimes spring breaks. Sea Cadets are exposed to a broad range of subjects and have many opportunities to participate in hands-on training aboard Navy and Coast Guard ships, shore activities and training schools. All trainings conducted are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Submit the Orders for training promptly. Check that you meet the Advance Training prerequisites and that you fully understand the transportation requirements. Cadets may repeat the same AT each year, but might want to consider the training at a different location. Some cadets who do this later attend as staff cadets. ID cards must be current to sign up for trainings. Processing a renewal and issuing a new ID takes at least a month, so don’t wait to renew. Renewals must be submitted a minimum of two months prior to expirations. Renew earlier if yours expires in the summer. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange and pay for transportation for their cadet to and from the training site. This includes airfare and travel to the unit-drilling site and back to the airport via taxi or shuttle bus.

Cadets are given their service jacket when they attend AT. They must return their service jackets in the brown envelope on Saturday morning of first drill following training. Leave all awards, certificates, and records of training undisturbed. Cadets will receive their awards and certificates after Administration has processed their service jackets.

​​​​​​IMPORTANT: The procedure for reserving a spot at a Local Training is not the same. Contact the TO for instructions. 

Step 1:

Go to Winter/Summer Training Schedule and see what training you'd like to attend. Trainings are on a first-come-first-served basis.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to contact the officers or staff of the summer and winter training or send requests for training directly. ALL requests must go through the Magellan database VIA OUR STAFF.

Step 2.

Send an email to the Training Officer (TO). Include the training code, dates, and description of training. Here’s an example of an email:

          I’m interested in the following Advanced Training:
          DB-CA-1702L dates are July 1-10 Dive, SCUBA Certification, Basic.
          Please let me know if I can attend this training.
          Cadet Jones

Step 3.

If you qualify for the training, the TO will email you a form that you must print out and have your parent or guardian verify, sign, and initial in the appropriate spaces. Scan and email the completed form back to the Training Officer.

Step 4.

Once you are approved by the COCT (Commanding Officer of the Training Contingent) an invoice will be generated and the TO will email it to you for your parent/guardian for payment. When the COTC receives payment an official order will be generated, which will be printed and filed into the service jacket that you will carry to training.

Cadets, you will need updated medical forms, medical accommodations, and medication forms dated within 30 days of training.

Proceed with travel arrangements. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance as trainings do get cancelled. TCS is not responsible for your travel arrangements. 

Please contactthe Training Officer with questions. 

Summer/Winter Trainings