Sea Cadets offers an International Exchange Program (IEP) that provides specialized education, training, and the opportunity to travel abroad for qualified Sea Cadets who have an interest in learning about the culture differences and nautical traditions that strengthen us as a global community. The IEP destinations have included Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Additionally, Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets offers a wide variety of locally arranged and nationally advertised Advanced Trainings. 

Some of the trainings offered this year include: 

Aviation: Basic Airman, FAA Ground School

Coast Guard: Shipboard, Cutter Operations

Dive: SCUBA Certification

Navy Shore: Photojournalism, STEM, Music/Band

NLCC Training

Public Safety

Seamanship: Sailing

Along with monthly drills, Recruit (RT) and Advanced Trainings (AT) are available to both League Cadets and Sea Cadets. While cadet units are organized along military lines, their main purpose is to foster good citizenship and an interest and appreciation of our nation’s sea services. Trainings are available during the summer months and a limited number are available during school winter break. Submit training orders for training promptly. Training and travel costs are the responsibility of the cadet, not the squadron or National Headquarters.

All Cadets must complete RT or BLO (Basic League Orientation) and complete necessary coursework to be eligible to attend Advanced Training. Sea Cadets may choose from a wide variety of advanced training opportunities that are nationally advertised by SNSCC headquarters.

Failure to complete a correspondence course and an AT annually will negatively affect the squadron’s annual inspection, the cadet’s advancement, and may result in the cadet’s disenrollment from the squadron. 



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