​Please submit your uniform requests below. This will ensure that your time is used efficiently on Drill weekends. The Supply Officer will make every effort to accommodate your request in a timely manner. 

Ribbon awards were established as a means to recognize meritorious performance, to provide incentive for greater effort, and to enhance morale. Click on Awards Manual to find out what ribbons are available and their criteria. 

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The ribbon checker will provide information on the proper order and placement of your ribbons. Click on the link and then select the ribbons you are authorized to wear. The checker will generate an image of what order the ribbons will be mounted on the ribbon bar.





The U.S. Navy imposes grooming standards for cadets and officers. The manner in which a cadet wears the uniform as well as by their personal appearance contributes to building pride and esprit essential to the Cadet Corps. 

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps has the honor and distinction of wearing the uniforms of the United States Navy. This uniform carries with it a long history and a sense of tradition. NSCC cadets, officers, instructors, and midshipmen are authorized to wear Navy uniforms appropriately modified by NSCC insignia, so as to clearly identify the wearer as a member of NSCC. 

The Squadron will issue Navy uniforms to cadets that may be exchanged throughout the cadet's participation. Once a cadet leaves the program, all issued uniforms must be returned. Not all items may be issued, items such as black socks, white t-shirts, and other miscellaneous items may be required at the cadet's expense. It is the responsibility of each cadet to request from the Supply Officer any items that they are missing. Parents are responsible for all alterations and proper sewing of name tapes, flashes, and badges. Do not cut uniforms when alterations are made. 

The uniforms that our Squadron uses are outlined in the TCS Uniform Manual. Additional information may be found at USNSCC Uniform Manual